ESTA renewal – How Long is an ESTA Valid?

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ESTA renewal – How Long is an ESTA Valid?

How Long is an ESTA Valid?

There is no renewal system for ESTA. You must apply a new ESTA if your current ESTA was about to expire and plan of your visit to the U.S. came up after its expiration, or if it was simply expired. In any of these cases, you must complete the same procedures to apply for a new ESTA.It is not possible to recover invalidated ESTA information.

ESTA’s expiration date

ESTA (Electric System for Travel Authorization)’s validated period is for 2 years from the date of its issuance after the application.
Check “ESTA expiration date and re-application” for details of ESTA expiration date.

Should I Apply for a New ESTA When I Have a New Passport?

However, if your passport will expire within two years, the ESTA also will expire on the expiration date of your passport.Applying for a new ESTA is required when your passport has been reissued or the content of your passport (i.e., your name, gender, or nationality) has changed. If your ESTA expires while you are in the U.S., you do not need to apply for a new one before leaving the U.S. There is no problem as long as your ESTA is valid at the time you enter the U.S. or make a connection there.

Notification email of expiration from Customs and Border Protection

When your current ESTA expiration comes close to ending, an email notifying you of its expiration may be sent to your registered email address from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection email address, with the subject heading “ESTA Expiration Warning.”
This is about an ESTA number you obtained in the past that will expire in 30 days.
If you plan to travel to the U.S. after its expiration, you must apply for a new ESTA.
In some cases, you might receive this email even though you already have applied for and received a new ESTA.
This is because Customs and Border Protection identifies an expiration date for each ESTA number and sends notification.
Since this concerns an ESTA authorized in the past to inform that expiration date is coming up soon, there is no problem when you receive the email if you have already obtained a new ESTA number.

The travel authorization submitted on November 11, 2014 via ESTA will expire within the next 30 days. It is not possible to extend or renew a current ESTA travel authorization. You will need to apply for a new ESTA travel authorization. Please reapply at if travel to the United States is intended in the near future. If there are 30 or more days left on the old authorization you will receive a warning message during the application and be asked if you wish to proceed.

If you receive an email with content as shown above, check the expiration date of your current ESTA.

Notes on reapplying for ESTA before it expires

You may apply for ESTA as many times as you like, even if considerable time remains before the expiration of your current ESTA. When you apply for a new ESTA and is issued a new application number and expiration date, your previous ESTA information will be invalidated and only the information on your most recent ESTA application will remain in effect. Strictly speaking, there is no “renewal” system for ESTA. Since the procedures are largely the same whether or not your previous ESTA has expired, the term “reapply” is used. Also, note that once you have applied for and received a new ESTA, your past ESTA information will not be recoverable for any reasons. At the same time you apply for a new ESTA, past information will be deleted. Please understand this beforehand. Reapply for ESTA taking into full consideration for the expiration date of your current ESTA and your future travel plans to the United States.

Available number of visit to the U.S. on an ESTA

ESTA authorization is valid for two years, and you may visit the U.S. without obtaining a visa during this period. However, this is conditional on the purpose of your travel being for sightseeing or a short-term business trip and the length of your stay not exceeding 90 days. This period of 90 days is the time you are permitted to stay in the U.S. per visit. Even if traveling to the U.S. for sightseeing purposes, if you plan to stay longer than 90 days per visit, first you need to obtain a visa and then make a plan along with it. In addition, generally you may stay in the U.S. using ESTA for up to 90 days twice per year, and most Visa Waiver Programs for visiting the U.S. are limited to a total of 180 days per year. If you travel to the U.S. repeatedly during the year or on repeated stays of roughly 30–90 days using ESTA under a Visa Waiver Program, you may be taken to a separate room and may be asked about the purpose of your visits to the U.S. while at the immigration inspection. While you may travel to the U.S. as many times as necessary during the two-year period for which your ESTA is valid, if you visit the U.S. very frequently then in some cases immigration officers may urge you to obtain a visa. Those spending more than half of the year in the U.S. or visiting the U.S. for about 90 days two or more times a year should consider obtaining a visa, not merely applying for ESTA.

Correcting or changing registration information

If there is an error in information such as your name, date of birth, or passport number, you will need to apply for ESTA again.
When you applied for ESTA through our site, the option is available to correct or change the application information above even after an ESTA application is completed.

If there is an error in your name or passport number: Through the Contact form, describe the details of your correction request in the body of your inquiry after entering your name, email address, and application ID.
If there is an error in any other information: Complete application procedures again using the Application Form.

For more information

How long does it take to get ESTA

Citizens of countries eligible for the VWP (Visa Waiver Program) designated by the U.S. government are permitted to enter the U.S. only by applying for an ESTA and presenting a passport without obtaining a visa. ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) can be obtained in a short time from application, and all procedures are completed online. It takes up to 72 hours from application to acquisition, but in most cases it is possible to acquire a “Travel Application Number” within a few hours.
It takes about 15 minutes to enter, and you are required to register personal information and answer 10 questions. However, if you answer “yes” to even one of the questions, you are not eligible to apply for ESTA, then consider obtaining a visa that matches your purpose when you wish to travel to the U.S.
In general, short-term business/ tourist visas (B1/B2) take one to two months from application to acquisition, and require the submission of multiple documents and an interview with a consular officer. If you are traveling to the U.S., including Hawaii, for sightseeing or short-term business purposes, we recommend applying ESTA, which can be obtained in a short amount of time.

Questions for ESTA updates and re-application

Can I renew my ESTA?

ESTA does not have “renewal” system. Once ESTA is expired “re-application” is required by filling out the application form and the payment again. Those who re-apply and receive travel authorization are issued new ESTA expiration date and travel application number. ESTA’s validated period is for 2 years from the date of its issuance. For more details, check “ESTA expiration date and re-application

How long does ESTA renewal take?

ESTA does not have renewal system. If you plan to visit the U.S. after ESTA’s expiration, you must re-apply for it. Prepare following 2 for re-application.

  • Valid passport
  • Credit card for the payment (it can be other than applicant’s)

Approximate time to fill out the form would be 15 minutes. Although ESTA application is examined and send out the notification of the result within 24 hours in general, you may want to apply it at least 72 hours prior to your departure.

What happens when ESTA expires?

You do not need to re-apply ESTA if you do not have any plans for the visit to the U.S. after your ESTA expiration. Apply for ESTA again once your U.S. visit is planned. If you plan to visit Hawaii or the U.S. by ESTA instead of visa, you would need to re-apply ESTA. Please do so with valid passport and credit card.
For details, check “ESTA expiration date and re-application

Can I re-apply for ESTA?

ESTA can be applied as many times as you need. Re-apply when ESTA expires or when it is about to expire. However, those who do not have any plans to visit the U.S. do not need to re-apply ESTA after its expiration. Apply ESTA again once your trip to the U.S. was decided. ESTA is valid for 2 years from the acquisition. Check “ESTA expiration date and re-application” for details related to ESTA expiration date and re-application.

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UPDATE : 2023/09/14