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Terms of use

“When using ESTA Online Center”

  1. Those who use the ESTA Online Center (this site) are deemed to have agreed to all the terms and conditions, etc.listed on the website.
  2. Users of this site must not use this site for any unfair purpose.

“Handling of personal information”

  1. Regarding the handling of personal information, we have established a separate “Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection”.
  2. Users of this site are deemed to have agreed to the “Basic Policy on Personal Information Protection” along with the Terms of Use.

“Service contents”

  1. The services on this site are limited to ESTA applications on behalf of customers.We do not arrange for air tickets.
  2. For the ESTA certification system and application agency procedures, you will need to receive an authorization code by E-mail. Therefore, the E-mail address registered on U.S. Customs and Border Protections that conducts ESTA screening will use the E-mail address of this site.After completing the ESTA application, you can verify your information by entering your verification code on the US Customs and Border Protections website, but the E-mail address field will be the E-mail address of this site.
  3. If you wish to register with your own email address instead of the email address of this site, you can change it. If you wish to make changes, please complete the change procedure yourself.The service will proceed from the time when the customer confirms the request for service progress and the payment of the expenses specified below.
  4. The application procedure is completed by sending an e-mail with the approval approved (travel permission notice).
  5. On the application status check page, only those customers who applied for ESTA through our site are available for inquiring the application status.
    Due to the protection matters of personal information, accessible period to application status check page is limited for 90 days from the date applied.


  1. The application fee set by this site includes $21 as defined by US Customs and Border Protections and the Travel Promotion Act.
  2. A service fee (representative fee) will be incurred as the service progresses.These payments can be made by credit card (VISA, Master Card, JCB, American Express).


  1. Cancellation is not possible after application completion.
  2. Depending on your eligibility and nationality questions, we may ask you additional questions via E-mail with information necessary for the application process.
  3. In this case, the application process will be suspended until a response is received from the customer.
  4. In addition, if there is no answer after two weeks have passed since an additional question was submitted from this site, the application to this site will be considered canceled. The fee will be refunded after deducting JPY 300 as a settlement fee.
  5. Due to the specifications of the ESTA application system, cancellation after application is not possible. Even if “authentication approved” or “travel authorization pending”, all procedures have already been completed and cannot be canceled.


  1. This site will be responsible for any damage caused to the user by using this site. However, the upper limit will be limited to the service charge you have received.
  2. When a user of this site determines that he / she uses the services of this site for an unfair purpose or in an unfair manner, or when he / she unilaterally cancels the contract, , Restrict access to this site. In addition, legal measures may be taken.
  3. This site owns the copyright to all information, design and systems used in this site. (Including system, image, text, graphics, etc.)
  4. Users of this site must not infringe copyrights, patents and intellectual property rights owned by this site.
  5. Users of this site may not intentionally copy, store, produce, host or distribute software.If you have any problems with this site service, please contact us using the inquiry form.
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UPDATE : 2022/05/27