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Terms of use

  • All users of ESTA Online Center shall comply with the Privacy Policy posted on the Site
  • As used in the Privacy Policy, “Site” refers to the ESTA Online Center
  • As used in the Privacy Policy, “applicant,” “user,” “customer,” and “any words and/or sentences expressing third party” refer to people concluding agreements via the Site
  • Users of the Site must consent to the terms and rules stipulated on the Site
  • The Site includes all information, systems, and designs used herein
  • Users of the Site must consent not to use the site for unlawful purposes
  • Users of the Site must consent not to infringe on the Site’s copyright, patent rights, and/or other intellectual property rights
  • Users of the Site must consent not to copy, save, reproduce, host, and/or distribute software on the site intentionally
  • Copyright to the Site includes the Site’s systems, images, text, graphics, and other content
  • The Site is operated in accordance with the Privacy Policy, and customers may be asked to provide information for purposes of applying for ESTA
  • Service fee will apply in accordance with the progress of service provision
  • The application fee on this Site includes $14 assessed by the United States Department of Homeland Security in accordance with the Travel Promotion Act
  • Payments available by credit card or PayPal
  • Application service procedures will be complete upon sending of the email notifying you of your travel authorization
  • Depending on the content of your answers to questions regarding eligibility and nationality, you may be sent additional questions by email in order to continue the application procedures
  • In such a case, application procedures will be placed on hold until you reply to the questions
  • If we are unable to confirm your replies to such additional questions within two weeks after they were sent, your application for this Site will be cancelled and any payment received from you will be refunded in full
  • Note that application services may not be cancelled after they are complete
  • The service will proceed after we have confirmed your request to proceed and your payment
  • The services provided by this Site consist merely of applying for ESTA on customers’ behalf
  • The Site will take responsibility for responding to any damages incurred from use of this Site
  • However, the maximum amount of such damages shall not exceed the amount of service charges received
  • The Site may restrict users’ access to the Site or take legal measures or other steps to protect its rights in the event that a user has cancelled the service agreement
  • Please use the “Contact Us” form to report any problems related to the Site’s services
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