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How to Contact

In order for ESTA Online Center to provide correct information and assure your support, details of inquiries from the customers are necessary to be kept in history, therefore contact will be made only through the contact form.

1.Enter required information in the contact form

Please enter your name, email address, and application ID (If applied for ESTA, it is shown on the email you have received when completed the application) in contact information form, then, write down the specific content you would like to ask in the inquiry field. Please click “Moving to transmission confirmation screen” after all are completed.

Enter Required Information in the Contact form

2.Conforming the content of the contact information

First, confirmation screen of the inquiry details will be shown, then make sure to check again not to have any mistakes in the content before sending it and then click send.

Conforming the content of the contact information

Notification email for the receipt of submitted message will be sent to the email address you have entered when filled out the contact form. If you do not receive the email after few minutes, please check your spam folder in case it is sorted out especially for those who use free email or mobile email address. ESTA Online Center tries to respond to your inquiry as soon as possible.

List of Other Inquiries

1.CBP(United States Customs and Border Protection)

In case you gave wrong answer when applying for ESTA, and resulted in the rejection of travel to the U.S., please contact CBP (United States Customs and Border Protection) directly by yourself. There is a possibility of the correction though it depends on the content of the question you gave wrong answer to.

Contact by Telephone

2.U.S. Embassy

Please contact U.S. embassy directly for questions regarding visa application or acquisition of visa. Please note that U.S. embassy is not available for either inquiry of ESTA application status or for rejection of travel to the U.S. at all.

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