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Fundamental on Privacy Policy

The ESTA Online Center (“Site” hereinafter) has established this Privacy Policy to manage customers’ personal information properly. Based on an understanding of this Basic Policy, the Site will handle personal information by thoroughly striving to protect these information. The details of such efforts are outlined below. The Site collects and uses personal information for purposes of applying for ESTA on customers’ behalf. These information are managed properly in accordance with the Site’s compliance program, which conforms to the Personal Information Protection Act and other applicable laws and regulations, and the Japan Industrial Standard Requirements for compliance program related to personal information” (JIS Q 15001). It is used within the minimal extent necessary to provide smooth services and manage operations by the Site.

Personal information provided to the Site is managed appropriately, and customer‘s personal information is protected through prevention of loss, leakage, unauthorized alteration, and improper access. Information provided to the Site includes the followings: Name (as shown on passport), date of birth, gender, nationality, birth information, email address, telephone number, destination information, employment information, passport information (passport number, date of issue, expiration date), information on exposure to communicable diseases and violation of laws, information on espionage and other anti-state activities, information on whether the user plans to seek employment in the U.S., information on whether the user has abused any children who are U.S. citizens, information on whether the user has ever been refused entry to the U.S., information on whether the user has ever had his or her permission to enter the U.S. cancelled, payment records, etc.

All these kind of information will be retained securely for a certain period of time even after the customer has used the Site’s services, unless the customer has requested otherwise. Customer information will be disposed of through secure methods after a certain period, pursuant to laws, regulations and Site internal rules.

Rest assured that personal information provided will not be disclosed to any third parties. However, this does not apply in the following cases:
1. When the user has consented to such disclosure.
2. When disclosure is required by laws or regulations.

Customer who requests to confirm or revise his or her personal information will be responded by the Site after confirming customer’s identity.

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